The Light of Compassion Healing Center


To help people find their personal light and power through acts of compassion and create a more compassionate world in which to live.


To spread compassion, kindness and love throughout the world through individual acts.  Giving individuals the tools and the power to follow their hearts and feel good about themselves and their contribution to the world. Giving individuals a place to come and feel safe and creative in their path to enlightenment.

This is a safe place for everyone.  All negativity, judgment and hate are left outside and we all support each other and treat each other with kindness, love, respect and compassion.

There is always a darkness in the world and always a light.  When humans are complacent the darkness grows.  When people do good things and help others their compassion light shines.  This light helps to keep the dark at bay and create a brighter world for everyone.  The light of compassion healing center is a  place where people come to find ways to spread that light and find others who want to do the same.